The opening is one of the most important aspects of your pitch. It determines whether people will be listening to your pitch. There are 3 ways you can use to start a pitch.

  1. A personal story

When you start your pitch with a short personal story, you build a relationship with your audience within a minute. A personal story helps them to get to know you better. At the same time, they feel sympathy for you because you opened up and put yourself in a vulnerable position.

  1. A question for the audience

This one works especially well with large audiences as it forces everybody to listen and put their phones away. A question stimulates your audience to actively participate in your pitch.

Very important: this question should always be a yes or no question, as you don’t want to start a long conversation with your audience during your pitch. A few examples:

  1. A bold statement

This is my personal favourite. Starting off your pitch with a bold statement usually has a big impact on your audience. A good bold statement has a small shocking effect, which will ‘wake them up’ and have them listen to you for the rest of your pitch. A few examples of bold statements:

  • ‘95% of the pitches suck, well actually maybe even 99%.’


  • ‘Every day 52,000 people are pitching to an investor. Almost all of them do a horrible job’


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