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Craft your own investor pitch

  • The Ultimate Pitch Guide is a digital book (ebook) which helps you to craft the perfect investor pitch. 
  • This book consists out of 10 chapters and helps you to write, design, practice and execute the perfect pitch.

Price: $27

Get a customized pitch deck

  • The professional designers at PitchSkills have created Pitch Decks for countless clients. 
  • Is your company looking for an investor? A perfect pitch deck significantly helps to raise the investment your company deserves.

Price: $599

Get 1 on 1 pitch coaching

Do you want to deliver a strong pitch? Do you want me to help you?

During the 1-on-1 Pitch Training you will get:

  • The perfect pitch text
  • The perfect pitch slides
  • Tips and tricks on your intonation and body language
  • BONUS: The Ultimate Pitch Guide

Price: $997

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Do you want to kickstart your pitch with 40 actionable pitch tips?

This free (and highly detailed) cheat sheet will give you 40 smart and actionable pitch tips. (AND will help you to pitch with more confidence!).

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The 30 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Pitching To An Investor

This free (and highly detailed) cheat sheet will help you to avoid common mistakes when you're pitching to an investor. You don't want to miss this.

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