So you’re looking for startup funding?

(So you can finally buy new Macbook’s for the entire team)

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Raising startup funding is easy!

There are millions of investors waiting for entrepreneurs with a good pitch. Why shouldn’t that be you?

Pitching literally changed my life..


Simply by saying the right words, in the right order, with the right voice and the right body language, your life will become so much easier.

My name is Ralph de Groot.  I’m a startup founder and pitch coach.

For my first startup I’ve raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in the first year we launched. I’ve participated in countless pitching competitions nationwide. Alongside, I pitched on national radio and television multiple times.

When I became third in the national pitching championship, a few entrepreneurs asked me to coach them with their pitch. This was the moment I decided to start Pitch Skills.

I’m not saying this to brag. I’m saying this, because everybody can do this.

Seriously. It’s not a talent. You can do this too.

Introducing: The Ultimate Pitch Guide

In this book you will learn:

✓ How you can get investors excited with one simple trick

✓ How to use your body language to show confidence

✓ How to tackle difficult questions from investors

What others say about this guide

The Ultimate Pitch Guide helped me a LOT while preparing for my investor pitch. Thanks Ralph!

Best Investor Pitch

Axel Persoon

Entrepreneur – Plantsome

Before I found PitchSkills I didn’t know anything about pitching. Last week I did a successfull pitch for a new project in my company.

Best Investor Pitch

Kjeld Harteveld

Sales manager – Brewpack

The best investment you can do, is an investment in yourself

This is true for a lot of things. But especially for pitching. People who know how to pitch, know how to get things done.

What’s even better, they get things done their way.

Chapters of The Ultimate Pitch Guide

This book is divided into 10 chapters which will cover the following topics:

  1. Researching

In this chapter you will learn how to do proper research for your pitch. Also you will learn which types of data you should use in your pitch.

  1. Building Blocks

In this chapter you will learn in which order you should build your pitch. You will also learn which topics should be included in any of the building blocks.

  1. Psychology

In this chapter you will learn the psychological tricks you can use to deliver your pitch more powerful.

  1. Writing

In this chapter you will learn the art of writing your pitch.

  1. Speaking

In this chapter you will learn how you can use intonation to emphasize important parts of your pitch. You will also learn how you can come across relaxed even though you’re nervous.

  1. Body language

In this chapter you will learn the secrets of body language. You can use this to make the listener trust and like you within a couple of minutes.

  1. Visuals

In this chapter you will learn which visuals you should use in your pitch.

  1. Practicing

In this chapter you will learn how you should practice your pitch, so you will be able to execute it in front of hundreds of people.

  1. Getting on stage

In this chapter you will learn how to execute your pitch. You will also learn how to control your nerves and get in touch with your audience.

  1. Q&A

In this chapter you will learn how to tackle difficult questions. You will also learn to turn these question into an opportunity, to convince the listener even more.

  • Percentage of readers who loved this book 98.5% 98.5%


P.S. This price will be increased to 37 soon. You can still take advantage of this reduced price.


Will this work for me?

Yes. No matter if you’re an experienced public speaker who wants to learn how to pitch, or if you have no experience whatsoever.

Pitching isn’t a talent. It’s a skill which can be learned. By using the pitch method in this book, I guarantee you 100% that you’ll improve your pitching skills. I’ll go even further: if you feel like your pitch didn’t improve after reading and implementing the methods in this book, you’ll get this book for free.


Do I need to be a talented or experienced speaker?

No. Of course it never hurts if you have some experience with speaking or pitching. But that’s definitely not necessary. I promise you, that you’ll know how to pitch after reading this book.

Is it safe to order this book?

Yes. The payment is secured with a SSL connection which makes your transaction completely safe.


What is a digital book and how can I read it?

A digital book, or an e-book is an easy and mostly a quicker way to receive the information you bought. Instead of waiting for the mail to arrive, you’ll be able to directly download the e-book. Within one minute after paying you’re ready to start!

This e-book is available to all your digital devices: desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.  This e-book is set up so that you can easily print it if you like to.

Congratulations. You’re ready to become a professional pitcher.


P.S. This price will be increased to 37 soon. You can still take advantage of this reduced price.