The Q&A is an important aspect of your pitch, as this generally lasts longer than the actual pitch. The Q&A gives you more time to elaborate on aspects you want to talk about.

This is how to prepare for the Q&A in a pitch:

  1. Take a new text document and write down all possible questions you can think of
  2. Demonstrate your pitch to a few friends or colleagues and have them write down some questions as well.
  3. Take a new text document and write down a few topics which are really positive about your idea of company. Things you want to talk about. Your unique selling points.
  4. Write down why your unique selling points are great and how they will benefit the audience
  5. Go back to the list of possible questions and prepare an answer for each one of them.
  6. For every question, use one or more focus points and blend them in.
  7. Study your Q&A and make sure you have a positive answer for everything


Practice the questions and answers with a friend or colleague and leverage the time you get to convince your audience even more.

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