Dux-Soup is a tool which helps you to get in touch with investors. This tool automatically visits LinkedIn profiles of people of your choice. In the past, I’ve used this a lot to get in touch with Angel Investors. I would have Dux-Soup open the profiles of MANY angel investors at the same time.

It’s actually pretty simple:

  1. Download the Dux-Soup tool
  2. Open your LinkedIn account
  3. Search for ‘angel investor’
  4. Click the ‘Visit profiles’ button.

Click here to get the Dux-Soup tool.


Sumo is a tool which helps you to capture the e-mailadresses of your website visitors. They use some pretty advanced techniques, which enable you to show a popup when a website visitor is about to leave your page.

Click here to get the Sumo tool.


When it comes to building website, there is nothing like Divi. Divi enables even non-technical people (like me) to build websites. I’ve tried many tools like Wix and Squarespace, but this one really stands out. I actually become so obsessed by this website-builder, I became an affiliate for the programm.

Click here to get the Divi  tool.

Check out this SEO website built with Divi by Thomas Buil.