What is the best 3 minute investor pitch ever? That’s a tough question, since every pitcher has his own style. In this video you can see a pitch which can be described with one word: ‘Energy’. Although this pitching style isn’t applicable to every industry, it surely fits Willie’s personality and his company.

 A while ago I stumbled upon a Youtube video called “Big Willie G’s Startupfest Pitch”.

This video had over 80.000 views and after watching the first 10 seconds I understood why. This guy is brilliant. And I wasn’t the only one. If you read the comments you’ll see that many people mentioned this must be the best 3 minute investor pitch ever.

StartupFest is a pitching competition for startups. The startups compete with each other for investments. It’s their job to capture the attention of investors in the room. And boy, that’s what Willie G did.

Although I love the pitching style Willie G has, there are a few things which you can do different. From a technical point of view this isn’t necessarily the best 3 minute investor pitch ever, but we can learn a lot from it.

Let’s start with the good stuff.


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Learn from the best 3 minute investor pitch


#1 He starts with a bold opening

As you can read in the article ‘How To Start Your Pitch,’ a bold statement is a good choice to start your pitch. It grabs everybody’s attention and makes the audience excited. Willie takes this statement to a whole new level. He screams in a cheerful way which definitely grabs the attention.


#2 He brings energy into the room

This one probably doesn’t need any explanation. Willie is full of energy and he likes to show it. Being energized is a good thing since it reflects on your audience. If you’re energized and happy, so is your audience.

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#3 He makes you imagine

Willie makes you experience the situation which requires ‘Party On Demand’. By using the impact of storytelling he makes his audience excited about his company.


#4 He knows his numbers

Now there’s a lot to say about Willie. He might not be formal enough to be the CEO of an investment fund, but he does know his numbers. Willie has no problems mentioning the expected profit and the cost of acquisition. He might be funny, but he knows what he is talking about.

#5 He has humor

Again, this one doesn’t need explanation. Willie uses a lot of humor which works out perfect. It lowers the guard of the jury and the audience. This makes the audience listen to what he has to say, which is crucial for a great pitch.


#6 He plays with intonation

Willie is well aware of the power of intonation. He varies a lot in tone height and volume. This is a great strategy since it keeps the audience excited. As long as you keep surprising the audience with what you have to say, they will keep on listening.


#7 He talks to you, not to a room full of people

Willie isn’t the most formal guy. The way he talks doesn’t give the feeling he is talking to a large audience, while in fact he is. The way Willie talks make it look like he is talking to a group of friends. Again, this is a great strategy because this makes him even more likeable.


#8 His style matches his product

Willie knows his own product and he loves it. Even better, his pitch reflects his product. Willie clearly sees his 3-minute pitch as a 3-minute party. And he’s right! His pitching style completely resonates with the subject.

Be well aware that you should pay attention to who you’re taling to. If you’re pitching a financial institute to a group of financial experts, you shouldn’t copy his style. Instead, apply the strategies which are applicable to your subject.


#9 He enjoys his own pitch

Right from the start you can tell Willie enjoys being on stage. He likes the attention but he also likes what he has to say. He is proud of his company and he isn’t afraid to show it. This helps the audience to believe in his company as well.

I mean, you aren’t proud of your company, why would we pay attention to your pitch?


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What you can improve to this best  3 minute investor pitch



Although I love Willie’s pithc, there is room for improvement. From a technical point of view, I’m not sure whether this is the actual best 3 minute investor pitch ever. However, there’s a lot we can learn from him.

I listed 3 things which would have improved Willie’s pitch.


#1 Use the power of a pause

Willie is excited about his company and makes him talk on full speed. A lot of energy in your pitch is good, but you should know when to hit the breaks.

Willie could have improved his pitch by pausing a few times after an important sentence. By giving your audience a bit of time to digest your words you increase the impact of your words.


#2 Mention the experience of you and your team

Willie didn’t talk about his experience or the experience of his team. Since investors usually care more about the team than the product, this is a missed opportunity. Being an investor, I would love to know why he (or his team) is making this to a success.


#3 Mention your revenue

During the Q&A Willie mentions that his company is already generating a serious amount of revenue. Amazing! This is such a big achievement; Willie should have mentioned during his pitch. That would have made his pitch even better.


Concluding thoughts on ‘the best 3 minute investor pitch’

Although I genuinely loved Willie’s pitch, you should not copy everything blindly. Please consider your industry and analyze who are in your audience.

I’m excited to hear what you think about Willie’s pitch. Did you like it as much as I did?

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