Here are the Best Free Business Powerpoint Templates Of 2018.

Well, they’re actually better than Powerpoint templates. They’re Canva templates.

Canva is a free online tool which enables you to create incredible presentations without any designing experience. Powerpoint presentation templates tend to be difficult to adjust, but with Canva you can adjust anything you want with the touch of a button. 

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Here’s how you can use these business presentation templates

1. Visit

2. Register a free account

3. Click create a design

4. Click on ‘Presentation’

Here are the 10 best business presentation templates of 2018

Business Presentation Template #10 – Clean & Positive

We love this business presentation template because it’s clean and easy. By using this presentation template you’re able to demonstrate your case without boring your audience with lots of text on your slides.

Business Presentation Template #9 – Black & White

Let’s continue the Best Free Business Powerpoint Templates Of 2018 with this simplistic design. We love this template because of it’s extreme simplicity. By using this presentation you’ll make sure people aren’t distracted too much and the focus will be on your presentation instead of it’s slides.


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Business PowerPoint Template #8 – Sharp

We love this powerpoint template because of how sharp it looks. The design isn’t always what you would expect of a regular powerpoint template, which makes it an interesting option!

Business PowerPoint Template #7 – Dark

This powerpoint template for business presentations is perfect if you want your audience to pay attention to your words. This template doesn’t include a lot of text which enables you to gain the attention from your audience.

Business PowerPoint Template #6 – Whitespace

This business presentation template is a good option if you want to show off a slick design. In this template the main color is yellow, but you can easily adjust it to your own corporate identity.

Business PowerPoint Template #5 – Playfull

This presentation template for businesses is perfect if you’re looking to spice up your presentation. This template is particularly interesting when your topic isn’t too excited and you want to make things a bit exciting. With this playfull design you’re guaranteed to get the attention of your audience.

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Business PowerPoint Template #4 – Big Titles

The Best Free Business Powerpoint Templates Of 2018  overview wouldn’t be complete without a template for big audiences. This business presentation template is perfect if you’re presenting to a large audience. Since oftentimes the people in the back of the room have difficulties to read the text on your slides, this template has big titles.

You’re amost there! Only 3 more to go. Let’s continue with the Best Free Business Powerpoint Templates Of 2018.

Business PowerPoint Template #3 – Fresh

Are you presenting a new concept to your audience? In that case this design would be a good option. This one definitely belongs in the op 3 of the best Free Business Powerpoint Templates Of 2018. This powerpoint template simply breathes ‘new’ and ‘innovation’ and is a great option to go with.

Business PowerPoint Template #2 – Happy

Everybody loves a positive presentation. With this template you’re sure to bring a positive energy to the room.

Business PowerPoint Template #1 – Clean & Bold

The winner of The Best Free Business Powerpoint Templates Of 2018 has to be this one.

This presentation template is our favorite, since it has a bold design and definitely grabs the attention of your audience. At the same time it’s also not too overwhelming. This is a perfect balance, since this makes sure your audience will pay attention but won’t simply be staring at your slides the entire time.

Use these free business presentation templates

Are you excited about one of these business presentation templates? Great!  Here’s how you can use them:

1. Visit

2. Register a free account

3. Click create a design

4. Click on ‘Presentation’

Now you’ll be able to discover many cool business presentation templates for free.


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