How to walk on stage for a pitch?

The way you walk on stage for a pitch is extremely important. It’s those first few seconds where your audience will decide whether they like you or not. Whether they will believe you or not. And perhaps the most important one, whether they will pay attention or not.

How to walk on stage for a pitch is crucial, that’s why I want you to focus on a few points.

#1 Be energized when you walk on stage

You don’t have to run, but you certainly shouldn’t walk slow either. Show you audience that you’re excited for your pitch. Not only will this make them excited too, but it will make you more confident as well.

#2 Wait before your start your pitch

Don’t start talking when you walk up on stage. Give your audience a few seconds to absorb who they are seeing. Let them get used to your face before 2 or 3 seconds before you start. Additionally, this pause creates more silence in the room and will bring you extra attention.

#3 Look your audience in the eyes

Whenever you walk on stage, try to look at least 5 people in the eyes. This creates a feeling of connection and will make you more likeable.

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