Are you looking for the perfect investor pitch? Then you’ll be happy to learn that PitchSkills created a free Pitch Creator.

A free pitch creator? Yes. This free pitch creator helps you to strategically build your pitch, in a way that is exciting to investors.

A problem many startups face, when they do an investor pitch, is that they’re flooding investors with (the wrong) information. In my life I’ve seen many investors zooming out during investor pitches, purely because the pitcher was telling the wrong things.

A great investor pitch checks 3 boxes:

  • You say the right things
  • You say them in the right order
  • You say it with the right body language & intonation

If you’re able to nail these 3 points, you’ll be able to pick an investor you like.


So how do you accomplish this?


As I just mentioned, at PitchSkills we developed a Free Pitch Creator. It’s actually pretty easy. Simply click the button below, and the Pitch Creator will be launched. The Pitch Creator will ask you questions about your startup, which will help you to formulate the right pitch.

We’ve tested the Pitch Creator with a bunch of entrepreneurs already, and they created some awesome pitches!

What you will get by using the free Pitch Creator

  • Which 6 topics should be included in EVERY pitch
  • Which details you should (and should not!) discuss in your pitch
  • How you should structure your pitch


What you need to do

Simply click on the button below and the Pitch Creator will be launched into your Facebook Messenger. The Pitch Creator will explain everything else. Good luck!

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