Many entrepreneurs are afraid of the Q&A after their pitch. They’re afraid the audience will fire difficult questions, which they can’t answer. Check out the Ultimate Pitch Guide to learn how to deal with difficult questions.

So how do you leverage questions after a pitch?

It’s actually pretty simple, talk about topics you want to talk about.

Let me explain it.

Politicians mastered this strategy for years. When a journalist asks a difficult (negative) question, the politician will always answer with a positive answer.  Although the politician might not answer the question exactly, the answer creates a positive feeling about the politician. Here’s how you can do this too:

  1. Write down all the potential questions you can get
  2. Write down all the answers to these possible questions
  3. Write down all the positive aspects about your company
  4. Blend the positive aspects into your answers.

There you go. Every time you get asked a (tough) question, you come up with a positive answer, which makes your company sounds even better!

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