There is a big misconception, when it comes to practicing a pitch. Many people say: ‘you shouldn’t practice your pitch too often, this makes your pitch sound unnatural’.

Why practicing doesn’t make your pitch sound unnatural

If you practice your pitch a lot, you will have no trouble recalling the text of your pitch. In fact, you should have studied it so thorough, that if someone wakes you up in the middle of the night, you wouldn’t have trouble doing your pitch.

The reason why you should study your pitch text so thoroughly has to do with your focus.

If you studied your text thoroughly, your brain doesn’t need to focus on that part during the pitch. Since you don’t need to worry about that, you can focus on your presenting skills.

So how to practice a pitch effectively?

  1. Read your text
  2. Cover your text and replicate it in your head
  3. Practice your text out loud. Use a voice recorder to see how you’re doing
  4. Practice your pitch with the right intonation, volume and silences
  5. Practice in front of a mirror
  6. Practice in front of the camera of your phone
  7. Watch the video to see where you can improve
  8. Watch the video without sound on to see where you can improve
  9. Show the video to a friend or colleague

Want to get an elaborate explanation on practicing your pitch? Check out the Ultimate Pitch Guide.

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