How to improve your pitch?

This is a question we get asked a lot. Normally we would say: ‘practice, practice and practice’. But other than practicing a lot, there are a lot of quick fixes you can implement to increase the quality of your pitch.

This article won’t cost you more than 120 seconds to read, and it will definitely improve your pitch. Here we go.


  1. Use a presentation clicker to remove the awkward hand position

Many people are unsure where to put their hands. This is a fair point, since putting your hands on the wrong place can mess up your pitch completely.

Improve your pitch, and get rid of this uncertainty by buying a presentation clicker. By holding a clicker in your hand you will naturally keep your hands in front of you, which happens to be the exact right position for your hands during your pitch.


  1. Show your hand palms to give a feeling of trust

 Seeing somebody’s hand palms creates a connection in a human’s brain which refers to safety. This goes all the way back to the prehistory. When you get to see somebody’s hand palms you know that person doesn’t have a weapon in his hand.

Although the chances that somebody is holding a weapon are pretty low, the connection in our brain still exists. Simply by showing your hand palms you’ll gain the trust of your listener quicker than you’d expect.


  1. Make eye contact with your listener as much as possible

Your listener doesn’t want to listen to a company. He wants to listen to a person. Many entrepreneurs underestimate the personal aspect when it comes to business relations. If you want your listener to care about your company, he should also care about you as a person.

By making eye contact with your listener (even if you pitch for a large audience) you increase the relationship between you and your listener.


  1. Stand straight up, this makes you look confident.

This one might be a bit obvious, but many entrepreneurs still forget about this when they pitch. Always stand straight when you pitch. The moment you let your shoulders or your back lean down, you look like you aren’t confident. This hurts your pitch significantly, since if you aren’t confident about your own company, why would the listener be?


  1. Smile until your cheeks hurt



Research shows that smiling is contagious and impacts the mental state of your listener.

When you smile, your listener is likely to start smiling as well. And because body language works two ways, your smiling listener will actually become internally happy because of his physical smile.

If you are able to get others to like you, you are capable of anything.

You can read more on the art of body language in this article: Improve Your Body Language In 9 Steps




Use these 5 tips to improve your pitch directly. Which one of these tips did you find the most helpful? Let us know in the comments.

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