What is an investor pitch?

An investor pitch is a short story about your company. The goal of an investor pitch is to convince the investor to invest money into your company. You can use this investor pitch template to create your own investor pitch.

When do you use an investor pitch?

An investor pitch is usually done in front of a group of investors. Think about a startup event, or a pitching contest. This type of pitch should not be executed when you pitch to an investor one-on-one.

When you are in a one-on-one meeting with an investor you usually already sent over the pitch deck. In this case the investor already knows a lot about your company, which changes the situation completely.

This investor pitch should therefore be used when you talk to a group of potential investors, or when you participate in a startup contest.

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The importance of a great investor pitch template

An investor pitch is important when your company is looking for funding. Nowadays many people have a high quality camera on their phone, which makes it easy to record your pitch. If you are capable of pulling of a great investor pitch, you have a chance of being shared online, which could get you funded quicker than you’d expect.


The Investor Pitch Template

I want to enable you to create your own investor pitch simply by following a few steps.

There are 3 main steps, which will be divided into small tasks:

  1. Outline the topics of your pitch
  2. Fill in the exercise
  3. Formulate the results of your exercise into smooth sentences

Let’s make this more specific.

1. Outline the topics of your pitch

Since most investor pitches won’t last longer than two minutes, you should keep it short. You don’t have time to go over every detail. Therefore, it’s best to stick to the following 6 topics.

  1. The opening– A few words which catch the attention of the investor
  2. The problem– What is the problem your company is trying to solve?
  3. The solution– How do you solve this problem?
  4. The business model– How many potential customers are out there? And how many have you already captured?
  5. The team– What are is the skillset of your team? Do you have experience in this field?
  6. The call to action– What do you want from the investor? What does he get in return?

2. Fill in the exercise

Below you will find an exercise which helps you to craft your investor pitch. Simply answer the questions and use them for step 3.

  1. The opening

During the opening of your pitch is important to grab the attention of the listeners.

  • Do you have an unexpected fact about your company?
  • Did you gather 1500 downloads on the day you launched?
  • Or is there a celebrity which is using your product?


 2. The problem

After you opened your pitch, it’s time to present the problem to your listener. During this part your only goal is to make the listener feel the problem.

You should describe it in such a way that your listener experiences the pain of the problem.

  •  What is the problem you saw before you launched your company?
  • Can you describe a person you actually know who has this problem?

 3. The solution

During the solution part you explain your solution to the problem you described earlier. This is the moment where it’s your job to make listener excited.

You should describe the solution in such a way that the listener sees the opportunity and starts believing in your idea.

  • How does your solution work?
  • What are the benefits for the person you described if he uses your product?

4. The business model

During the Business model part of your pitch you explain how you are planning to generate revenue. In this part it’s your job to convince the listener of the financial opportunities of your idea.

The listener must get the feeling that there is a possibility of a serious financial advantages if he becomes part of your idea.

  •  Who pays for your product?
  • How much will he pay?
  • How many potential customers are there in your target group?
  • What is the size of the market? (price * potential customer)


 5. The team

So you made the listener excited about your idea and the possibilities. Now it’s time to show him why you are the right person to execute it.

 Do you or your team members have experience in this industry?

  • What did you achieve in the past few years?


6. The call to action

During this part you tell your listener what you want him to do. Do you want him to invest? To partner up? To make a deal?

Be clear about your call to action and focus on only one. Research shows that mentioning multiple call to actions reduces the success of your call to action.

  •  What do you want from your listener? And what does he get in return?

3. Formulate the results of your exercise into smooth sentences

Combine the answers you crafted during step 2 and make them into smooth sentences.

On average, a human being is able to speak around 260 words in two minutes. However, since you want to leave room for a pause every now and then you should aim for 240. You should practice your pitch and see how long it takes you to go from start to finish.

Make sure to end your pitch a few seconds early, since this will make sure you don’t have to stress about finishing in time.


Concluding thoughts

Use this investor pitch template and make it your own. Do you want to learn more about becoming a great pitcher? Get the Ultimate Pitch Guide.

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