A while ago I heard somebody say: ‘preparing a pitch is for amateurs, the professionals freestyle their pitch’. Although I really like and admire this entrepreneur, this is the most stupid thing I ever heard.

A pitch generally doesn’t last for more than 5 minutes, it’s an opportunity to make one, or many people excited about your company. A great pitch requires an introduction, a problem statement, a solution statement, a market description, a team description and a call to action. Every sentence should be thought of. Every sentence should lead to that moment where your audience says ‘wow, that’s a great idea’.

You can guess my answer to the question: ‘Do I start writing my text before I pitch?’

Yes. You should write and practice your pitch thoroughly.

For more concrete tips on creating a killer pitch, check out the Ultimate Pitch Guide.

Hi! I’m Ralph. I help startups to get funded by designing a persuasive pitch.