How Can I Improve My Pitch?

The simple answer to this question would be: practice a lot.

Before you dive into practicing your pitch, first make sure you did the following things:

  1. You created a clear outline for your pitch
  2. You designed awesome slides for your pitch
  3. You know how to use your body language in your pitch


When you checked those boxes, it’s time to start practicing.

In summary, there are 9 steps you should follow to practice your pitch.

  1. Read your text
  2. Cover your text and replicate it in your head
  3. Practice your text out loud. Use a voice recorder to see how you are doing
  4. Add your speaking legend. Practice your pitch with the right intonation, volume and silences
  5. Practice in front of a mirror
  6. Practice in front of the camera of your phone
  7. Watch the video to see where you can improve
  8. Watch the video without sound on to see where you can improve
  9. Show the video to a friend or colleague

If you want to take your practicing to the next level, you should read the full article on how to practice your pitch.

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